At every stage of our process, the client-experience is key. Our approach to project management is thorough and detailed because it's the only way we know how to get the job done properly, while building a lasting relationship with our clients.


Introduction / Scopes of Services

Continental Builders has CA licensed, in-house architecture, experienced project managers and superintendents that increase project efficiency by using one source for management, entitlement, pre-construction, and construction.  The following are descriptions of proposed scopes of services for this design-build project.

Agency Entitlement

Knowledge of local zoning and building codes only goes so far.  Where the consultant coordinating drawings is the same consultant approving the drawings, efficiency exists.  Scope includes; schematic design, planning approval, architectural and various other disciplines’(structural, mechanical etc.) drawing coordination, and building department approval.


Continental will pull the building permit, contract directly with all subcontractors to construct the project, schedule all inspections, and procure all building and safety approvals.

Project Management

From preliminary planning through occupancy, project management is a key factor in any project’s success.  The PM scope shall include; project scope definition, Owner contract preparation, project scheduling, information gathering (soils report etc.), Owner liason for requests for information, and administration of applications for payment.


Preliminary and on-going budgeting helps for cost control. Pre-construction activities shall include coordinating project materials specifications, identifying and selecting sub-contractors, and forward thinking to minimize change orders or delays.


The process summarized in this section is intended to outline a client-inclusive approach wherein the scope of work is determined, agreed-upon by the owner, and project costs are made available throughout the development process for owner review.